4 Items any Home Gym Must Have

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As you all know I enjoy being active. I have always exercised as far back as high school I’d imagine. I was a junior in high school and got called fat names fairly often. I’d not say I was fat but larger than most girls my age. They hurt me more than I wanted to admit. (I’m quite big on kindness) My mom used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice be quiet.” That’s me to the tee. I’m not big on gossiping, and I’ll certainly never intentionally hurt another person. In fact, thinking of my mom, that’s been gone for over 19 years now is a huge reason why I keep it moving.

Okay, back to the high school story before I get to the meat of this article. You know when I was in school there was the “in” crowd and the rest of the class. I was never in the “in” crowd. I didn’t mind that, but it was always there, you know. I was chubby back then and did get called names like fat, big girl, lard bucket and so many more.

Thus, during my summer break and before I became a senior, I lost 50 pounds. Yep, you read that right, 50 pounds. The fat girl that was supposed to have feelings of steel was no more. I was thinner, and I looked different. In fact, most people didn’t recognize me when I went back as a senior. LOL, How funny is that? Oh, I loved it, and this was when exercise became my first love.

Now, I exercise because it’s good for me. I get a high from it that I can’t explain. It’s like a high five from mom in heaven or something. I have felt her presence so much over the years. Anyway, I love going to the gym, but it’s a long drive from me. Traffic is heavy, and my body is slowing down regardless of the fight. I do a workout at home a lot and here are some things I have in my little “home” gym.

Recumbent bike

There’s a story to this one, too but I’ll stick to the facts. I like a recumbent bike because I can kind of lay back and burn the calories.

I mean it’s all about the intake of calories right. I enjoy listening to music or just watching my legs move, and boy does it burn calories. Mine takes off about 200 for every 25 minutes or so that I’m on it. So, let’s go riding and go nowhere, right. Ha!

Free Weights

The body will change and more so for women. I’ve seen it firsthand. I’d have to say I’ve aged well from the neck down. Ha!

I’m actually amazed at how good my body has aged, and I’m proud of it. It’s been A LOT of work. However, all the strength training I’ve done has paid off.

I’m not like super-duper flabby, and I contribute this to working with free weights for decades. They will tone and define if you’re consistent.

Yoga Mat

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my yoga mat. I’ll pull one out at the gym any day of the week and do my trusty routine of like 25 situps, leg lifts and other things.

It’s soft and inviting and beats the heck out of a hard floor. It’s inexpensive, and I love my mat because when it’s out, I’m going to get some work done on it.

BTW, what’s all this fuss about sit-ups NOT working? They work because if I don’t do them, I can tell the difference! A lady at the gym once told me my body looked great except for my tummy. WHOA! I did a double take on that one but kept on moving. Ha.

Resistance bands

If you want to get in shape and don’t wish to break the bank or don’t have a bank, I highly recommend resistance bands. You can keep these anywhere!

Simply google some exercises to use these for and get to work because they will tone your body. I do feel it’s critical to use these on routine basis and stick to a schedule. You’ll SEE the difference.

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