15 Top Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

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If you’re like me, you love to hear the latest beauty tips. These may include anything that will help you get ready faster and look better in the process. There’s nothing I love more than investing a bit of my day into getting a new makeup look. I’m also a slave to skincare, and if something says I’ll look younger, then sign me up because I’m going to try it. I’m here to share you with 15 top beauty tips that have saved my life!

Eyelash Curler

1. Curl your lashes

Who doesn’t want huge eyelashes that attract the right attention? There’s nothing that will get your eyes noticed as much as long and luscious lashes.

The first step in creating your large lashes will begin with using an eyelash curler. The secret to ensuring this beauty tip works and allows you to create several eye makeup looks is by using a high-quality lash curler.

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LimeLife Perfect Mascara

2. Wriggle the wand

Talking about big lashes makes me think of using the highest rated mascara on the market. You’ll want to choose a beauty product that is hypo-allergenic and will make your lashes look fuller.

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Regardless if you’re applying one coat or two coats of the best mascara, you’ll want to wiggle the wand during the entire application. Starting at the very start of your eyelashes and moving to the end while wiggling the rod of your mascara will allow for fuller lashes.

LimeLife Perfect Liquid Liner

3. Connect the dots

When you’re applying your eyeliner, you may have a better look when you simply connect the dots. Dotting your liner across the top of your eyelid is the first step and making these connect by filling in the dots is ideal.

Using a liquid liner can allow you to get the most amazing and precise look possible, and you can click HERE to get it.

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4. Keep your eye cream cool

Are you looking for a way to stay cooler in the summer months? If so, you may want to place your eye cream in the frig.

Simply grabbing this jar and placing it under your eyes can allow you to get a fresh, refreshing feeling. Don’t forget doing this can drastically help decrease eye puffiness the most and in the shortest time.

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5. Choose a bold lipstick

Nothing will give your face a boost like wearing a bright and bold lip color. Regardless if you’re running errands or headed to a social event in your area.

Lipstick is the one thing most women don’t leave home without, and selecting a bright color that matches your skin is ideal. Limelife offers an enduring lip color that will last for four to six hours, and it comes in a wide range of shades.

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6. Never skip your primer

Getting your face ready for your makeup is the first order of business. You’ll want to choose a light priming spray for the summer months to help you feel less weighed down.

What could be better than a primer that you simply spray on your face? This will help your makeup last all day, and it has a moisturizer in it. Click HERE to purchase a spray primer.

7. Buy a buildable foundation

One of the ways to even out your skin tone and help you appear more confident may rest in choosing a foundation. You’ll want to color match this beauty product to your skin and click HERE to do so.

When it comes to choosing a lightweight foundation and one that looks like real skin, you’ll want to get a wax-based foundation. This is one of the longest-lasting and best foundation beauty products you’ll find on the market.

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8. Use a self-tanner

Getting out in the sun is never a good idea for a long amount of time. Doing this could lead to skin cancer and will certainly cause a lot of wrinkles you could live without.

Putting on a self-tanner each day or as necessary to get the color you want can make a huge difference in your appearance. You’ll want to use a bronzing cream that will provide your skin with the color you’d like and click HERE to buy it.

9. Moisturize your body

There’s little doubt that you’ll want to have smooth looking skin during all the year but especially during the summer months when you wear shorts. Taking the time to apply a rich moisturizer to your entire body is one of the top things you’ll want to do.

Choosing Forty Cure Cream as your body moisturizer can help sunburns and other skin issues during the summer.

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10. Lighten your hair with lemons

Do you go for long walks to help you stay fit during the summer or spring? If so, wetting your hair and putting lemon in it beforehand can allow you to get blonder locks.

This is an easy trick and will only take a bit of lemon juice for you to accomplish. Putting this liquid evenly throughout your hair is a great idea to help you look like you’ve had highlights.

LimeLife’s Skin Polish Facial Mask

11. Exfoliate your face

If you want to look younger, you’ll want always to exfoliate your face with the right products. There are many ways you can do this that range from using a buffing scrub to a facial mask.

Removing dead layers of skin is the key to showing the younger-looking sink you have underneath. You’ll want to commit to doing this at least two or three times per week for the best results.

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12. Never forget your concealer

The older you get, the more likely you’ll rely on your concealer. This is a fantastic beauty product that can cover up fine lines, dark circles, and reduce the look of puffiness.

You’ll want to select a waterproof concealer to help you get the most out of the summer months without sweating it off.

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13. Stay active

Did you know that going for a walk or doing things that help keep your blood pumping can improve the appearance of your skin and body? This is a fact, and you’ll get a healthy-looking glow by getting out and doing many of the things you love.

Talking a walk around the block or doing a workout at home can help you stay fit and look great for many years to come.

14. Use a pale nail polish

If you want to look put together and elegant all at the same time, you may want to rely on pale nail polish to allow you to accomplish this goal. Regardless if you get a professional manicure or do this job at home, you’ll look great with a paler tone and putting beauty tips like this to work is easy.

Don’t forget to apply two coats and use a topcoat for the best and longest-lasting look. Doing this can make a drastic difference in your hands and allow you to look fantastic.

15. Keep your skin hydrated

Lastly, but not least, you’ll want to have fresh-looking skin that’s moisturized and looks attractive. Using a high-quality moisturizer will allow you to accomplish this task.

You eat what you put on your skin, which makes it critical to choose paraben-free and chemical-free products. Using Limelife’s Skin Therapy will plump up your skin, smooth out fine lines, and help you look more youthful with just one pump. The best news about one of these beauty tips is its ONLY $28 and a bottle will last for months.

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Feeling your best will boost your spirits and allow you to feel more content. The key to making this possible will rest in putting these tried and true beauty tips to work. Please subscribe to My Beauty for You and learn all the tips I’ve used for years. Click HERE to visit my LimeLife store and make it a great day!