12 Top Tips for Saving Money on Makeup Products

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Looking your best may come at a price you’d rather keep low. This an be a real beauty challenge to do unless you take time to shop around for the best costs. The good news is there are many ways you can save money on the makeup products you use daily. Putting these cost-effective beauty tips to work is one way to help you reduce this expense.

1. Ask for free samples

Do you routinely go to a beauty supply store or department area? If so, you’ll want to talk to the cosmetic salesperson about getting free samples.

This is an easy thing to do and may allow you to have a great deal of items you’ll be able to use daily for a long time to come. It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be turned down if you simply ask for additional samples to use.

2. Look for the professional size

Did you know that you can get a professional sized foundation that is much larger than the one you may see in the store? Choosing the best foundation that will look good on your skin is a task you’ll want to do.

You can shop on eBay and often find a foundation that may have as many as six plus ounces compared to only the one ounce you see in the stores. This is a fantastic way to reduce your beauty product cost and allow you to feel better.

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3. Cut open empty products

Do you throw away a container as soon as you think you’re nearing the end of it? If so, you may want to stop doing this and work to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The ideal way to do this is to cut the container in half to get to the beauty product that may be left in the bottom. You may find that you have enough of cream or foundation to last at least another week!

4. Clean mascara wands

There’s no need to buy another tool to help separate your lashes after using mascara. It’s a much better idea to clean a mascara wand and reuse it to help your lashes look better.

Simply clean the wand of any mascara you have and store it on your vanity. The next time you apply a coat or two of mascara you’ll have it to make your lashes look individually fantastic.

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5. Use baby shampoo as a cleanser

One of the best ways to keep your face clean and remove a day’s worth of makeup is to invest in baby shampoo. You can get the off brand and this will work great to get rid of all the day’s beauty products you apply.

There are all types of generic brands that are extremely inexpensive and selecting one that will work as a cleanser is a great way to keep your costs down.

6. Put Vaseline on lips

There’s no reason to invest in pricey items to keep your lips moisturized during the winter months. Many of these beauty products can be sky high and put a hurting on your bank account.

Consider using Vaseline to help keep your lips free of chaffing and being overly dry during the winter months. You can pay only pennies a day for the use of this product and your lips will be moist and full as a result.

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7. Spend time on YouTube

Do you have a favorite youtuber that does makeup videos? If so, you’ll want to catch these as frequently as possible to up your makeup skills.

Another reason to invest time into watching people put on makeup is to get coupon codes. That’s right, you may be able to save a lot of money by simply using a coupon code right from the video!

8. Combine your order

The last thing you’ll want to do is to pay shipping on multiple items. You won’t have to do this when you sit down and think about what you’d like and place an order for all these things.

Being able to pay one amount for shipping is an ideal way to lower your beauty products cost. There are even some companies that will allow you to get free shipping when you purchase a certain amount.

9. Consider a dupe

One of the top methods for reducing the expense of high-end makeup is by getting a dupe. This is a product that typically works as well as the more costly one.

You can look for videos or scan the web for information on beauty products that may work as well as other ones.

10. Become a representative

If you like a beauty product a great deal, you may want to start selling it. Doing this will allow you to get a significant discount and earn money for the products you do sell.

You can create a blog and start getting traffic that may soon resort into sales and profit for you. This is a fantastic way to lower the expense of certain items.

11. Join an email list

Did you know when you take just a few moments to join certain email lists, you can save money? It’s a fact that many large companies will provide you with a coupon code to lower your overall price.

By simply getting on an email list, you can purchase most any product you’d like at a significant lower price to you. This only takes a minute to do and is well worth the effort.

12. Sign up for a makeup subscription box

If you have a few dollars to spare a month, you may want to consider getting a makeup subscription box. There are typically decent sized beauty products in these that will last you a long time.

Being able to enjoy a wide range of brands and beauty items is the key to making the most of each day. Doing this at a low cost to you is one of the top methods to save a lot on cosmetics.

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