12 Makeup Hacks For a Faster Makeup Application

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If you want to look your best each day, this will take some work on your behalf to do. It’s likely that you don’t walk out the door as soon as you get up in the morning. Investing some effort on your appearance and applying the right makeup tips can be very helpful. Putting the best makeup hacks to the test can be a great idea.

1. Selecting the right foundation color

If you want to look more polished but not like you’re wearing a ton of makeup it’s a great idea to put choosing the best wax based foundation color at the top of your list. This is the key to looking more natural regardless of the makeup look you’re trying to achieve.

One of the top ways to accomplish this goal is to put the potential makeup next to your neck. This can tell you if you have the right shade if it matches closely or is only one shade lighter.

If you’re interested in a wax-based foundation click HERE to take a quiz for the right color.

Makeup hacks
Makeup hacks
Makeup hacks

2. Buying the best wax based foundation

The one beauty product that you don’t want to skimp on has to be your foundation. Selecting a foundation that will allow for beautiful and buildable coverage is a great idea.

LimeLife by Alcone offers a wax-based foundation that may have you looking your very best. This makeup doesn’t get cakey because it sits on top of the skin.

You can count on this botanical wax based foundation to last all day and it comes in at least 22 shades. Do you want to look like a celebrity? Well, you must might when you wear thing foundation because many other celebrities wear it well.

Click HERE to buy it for ONLY $36 and if you want to save money Click HERE for the foundation and two concealers for ONLY $76.

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3. Layer your skincare products in proper order

I’m getting a wee bit ahead of myself because the first order of business should be your skincare as one of the top makeup hacks. You’ll want to put it on properly to have the best looking skin.

If you’re more mature like myself it’s likely that you may use more than one skincare product. I use three night and the first one I apply is Sotox. This is a lightening, tightening and brightening product and boy does it work. Click Here to read about my skincare regimen and HERE to purchase Sotox.

I’ve seen my skin look the best it has in years at the age of 56!!! Taking care of my skin has always been important to me. The next skincare product I use is Skin Therapy and you can actually feel it plumping up your skin. I love this item because I know it’s effective. Click HERE to read about my skincare routine.

Click HERE to buy it for ONLY $28 or HERE to get a cleanser and moisturizer for dry or oil skin for ONLY $44.

The final step I used is the Dew Date facial oil. I tend to use this more in the winter but try to use it nightly in the summer as well. It’s an oil that’s loaded with all the good ingredients for your skin and I can see the results. Click HERE to buy it. 

Makeup hacks
Makeup hacks

4. Do the eye makeup first

One of the things you can do that may make getting your face put on faster and looking better is doing your eye makeup before your foundation. It’s easy for your eyeshadow to become a bit messy and this can cause fallout to occur.

It’s in your best interest to choose a high-quality eyeshadow like LimeLife by Alcone for all your eye makeup needs. This eyeshadow will last all day and never creases. It comes in a wide range of colors and is ONLY $16 each and you can build your own palette for more makeup hacks. Click HERE to buy it.

5. Use a warm mascara

Did you know your mascara may go on smoother when you take just a minute or two to warm it up in something? One funny tip is to place it in your bra while you’re doing the rest of your makeup.

This will allow it to get warm prior to applying it and it will look better. Another idea is to place your mascara in a glass of warm water and let it sit for a while.

LimeLIfe by Alcone offers an amazing hypoallergenic mascara that will lengthen and strengthen your lashes. Do you want to learn more mascara tips for beginners?

You’re sure to have long and luscious eyelashes when using this professional beauty product and click HERE to buy it.

6. Choose professional brushes

The brushes and tools you use can make or break your makeup look. Selecting a top-rated foundation brush and eyeshadow brushes can drastically help your appearance.

Only relying on the highest quality brushes for applying your makeup will help it look much better. This will mean splurging a bit on the necessary tools but this will be well worth it in the long run. Click HERE to buy these.

7. Use a liquid eyeliner

The way to get the best looking eyeshadow look may start and end with putting on your eyeliner correctly. It’s a great idea to use a liquid liner because this will enable you to get as close to the eyelid as possible.

Precision is the key to have a detailed look and making your eyes stand out the most. Another beauty tip that can really help is using a dab of concealer if you mess up your wing. Click HERE to buy a professional grade liquid eyeliner.

8. Experiment with contouring

The last thing you’ll want to do is look like a clown before you leave the  house. The ideal way to avoid doing this is to experiment with new colors and contouring a great deal to know how to apply makeup perfectly,

Just like the saying goes practice will make perfect and taking time to improve your makeup skills is a must. Contouring can help make your cheeks look slimmer and provide a more sculpted look.

It’s ideal to use the right shade of bronzer to do this and click HERE to buy this beauty product.

9. Save old mascara wands

It’s a great idea to save some of the old mascara wands to help your makeup look appear professional and polished. You can wash these and use to spread and even out your lashes when applying mascara.

Ensuring each eyelash is thoroughly separated will help give you the ideal eye makeup look with the greatest ease.

10. Consider an eye primer

Making your lashes look longer and fuller will take a bit of work. If you’re going out for a night on the town or just want to treat yourself to fuller looking lashes follow the steps below:

11. Keep lipstick off your teeth

If you’re like most ladies, you may love your lipstick. It’s important to use a high-quality lip product that will stay in place all day if you wish to avoid the need to continually reapply it.

I love LimeLife’s enduring lip color because it will stay put for four to six hours. This best lipstick comes in a wide range of shades and you can decide the if you want a bold or neutral look. Click HERE to read an article on this amazing lipstick and click HERE to buy it.

12. Add Vaseline at night to your lips

One of the most challenging times for every part of your skin is the winter. You may feel dry all over and certain parts of your body will suffer much more.

For instance, your lips can become insanely dry and this may cause your lipstick to less attractive. Taking just a moment to add a bit of Vaseline to your lips prior to going to bed is ideal.

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