12 Make up Tips you May Not Know

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When it comes to applying makeup, you make want to know the latest and greatest make up tips.. However, there are many that can make a huge difference and finding ways to improve your appearance may be foremost on your mind. Putting these hidden make up tips to work could truly help you look your absolute best with less hassle and greater ease.

Forty Cure cream in a tube.
Forty Cure Cream

1.Take a shower

Did you know that if you’re getting ready for the makeup day, you’ll want to take a shower first? This is because your skin will be moist and this is a great time to apply a body lotion.

Do you live in parts of the country that are getting pounded with snow and ice? If so, your skin could be extra dry and you could some make up tips.

Using LimeLife By Alcone’s forty cure cream is one of the best ways to get rid of rough and dry patches on your skin. This product is free of all chemicals and is a rich emollient that you will do the job. Click HERE buy it.

Limelife by Alcone’s Foundation Brush

2. Use a concealer brush or pointed sponge

Looking your best may mean applying a thick and professional concealer under your eye area. You’ll want to be extremely careful in this sensitive spot and using the right beauty products can help.

Click HERE to purchase a sponge with a pointing tip to reach underneath the eye or HERE for a concealer brush to help.

You’ll also want to avoid using a cheap concealer if there’s a precise look you’re trying to get and avoiding concealer mistakes is vital.

Before and after wax-based foundation
Make up tips
Wax-based foundation on one side and nothing on the other.
Reasons to choose the best wax based foundation.

3. Don’t skimp on foundation

Okay, you may have heard this beauty tip before but it’s a very important one. The way to have the makeup look you want will drastically depend on the using the best foundation.

Selecing a makeup foundation hat offers all the things you want from it is the key. You need a wax-based foundation in your life for many reasons!! Do you finally want to look your best? If so, keep reading.

The benefits LimeLife’s foundation are listed below:

  1. This foundation sits on top of the skin and looks more natural.
  2. Limelife by Alcone’s wax-based foundation doesn’t look cakey.
  3. There are over 20 shades to choose from and click HERE to find your best shade.
  4. Choose the coverage you want from light to medium to heavy based on the makeup look you’re trying to achieve.
  5. This foundation is worn by many celebrities.
  6. This foundation is 50% pigmented compared to many brands that’s less than 10%. Click HERE to read an article on this foundation.

Click HERE to see this foundation applied.

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4, Stop pumping the mascara tube

One of the things you’re likely to do when trying get your lashes ready for the day is to pump the mascara tube while applying to your lashes. This could just be a habit but it’s one you’ll want to STOP doing.

Continually doing this will fill your mascara with air and it can dry out much faster. Simply make a note to quit pumping the wand and yours will last longer.

Are you ready for a hypoallergenic mascara that will help keep your eyes from watering during the spring when allergies are the worse? Perhaps you have sensitive eyes and will do anything to help alleviate this problem.

If this sound like you it’s a great dea to use a high-quality mascara that’s hypoallergenic and free of all chemicals. If you want long and luscious lashes Click HERE to buy it.

LimeLife by Alcone’s liquid eyeliner pen

5. Cover your liquid eyeliner pen

How many times have you just bought a liquid eyeliner pen and left the cap off for a few hours or longer? If you do this, you know that you’ve just wasted a lot of money and won’t get the eyeliner looks you’re after.

Get in the habit of always placing the cap back on the eyeliner pen as soon as you use it. This is a great idea but if you’re too late to do that you can click HERE and get a brand new one.

I’m in love with myself gel eyeliner by LimeLife by Alcone.

6. Buy a white eyeliner

One of the top beauty tips that can help your eyes truly pop is by purchasing a white or gold shimmer eyeliner. Using the white look on the inside corner of your eyes will really make these pop.

This makeup tip will only take a few seconds to do and you may be amazed just how much bigger your eyes will look.

Of course, you’ll want to use a black liner on your upper lip for a dramatic look. Why not get the best of both worlds by buying a beauty product that will do both.

LimeLife by Alcone has a gel eyeliner that has ½ rose shimmer and ½ jet black on the other. This will make doing your eyes for the day super easy and click HERE to buy it.

Limelife by Alcone’s self-sharpening lip pencil

7. Line your lips

It’s no secret that lining your lips can make your pout truly stand out and help you get the right looks. However, did you know that using a neutral colored pencil will work the best?

Using a high-quatly lip liner from LimeLIfe by Alcone can allow you to get the highest pigmented lip color there is on the market. This is also a special pencil because it’s self-sharpening. You don’t have to spend time getting the tip just right.

You’ll simply just click on the top of the pencil and it will bring up a new fresh point for you. This lip liner comes in a lot of shades and click HERE to buy it.

Macaroon Enduring lip color
Smores Enduring Lip color
Perfect lip gloss
Perfect lip gloss
LimeLife by Alcone lip gloss

8. Use long wearing lip products with a gloss

One of the top ways to help your makeup look come together is by using a very long lasting lip product. Choosing a liquid lipstick is the latest trend today because you can put it in place and forget it.

I love to add just a dab of lip gloss to over my enduring lip color for the day. This makes may lips look fuller and gives me just enough moisturization for making my lips feel better.

This amazing lip gloss is a must have because it’s non-sticky, stays in place and is available in many colors. Click HERE to read an article on this beauty product and click HERE to buy it for ONLY $18.

9. Avoid leaving cosmetics in the car

If you want to protect your beauty investment, you’ll want to ensure all of your beauty products are in the right temperature. Rushing around and packing your purse with creamy lipsticks, blushes and foundations can lead to ruin if you’re not diligent.

This is especially true during the summer months when the heat and humidity heat your area. Never leave any of your beauty products in the car because these could be ruined or ever stolen for that matter.

LimeLife by Alcone has 22 foundation shades.

10. Choose the right foundation

The last thing you’ll want to do is buy a foundation or concealer that will simply not work for your skin. Be sure to take this QUIZ to find out the right LImelife by Alcone foundation and concealer colors for your skin.

Purchasing items that are too dark or too light can simply be a waste of your hard-earned money. Taking time to choose the best colors for your complexion will pay off greatly for you.

Available in regular and waterproof mascara
After and before using Perfect Mascara
Drugstore mascara compared to LimeLife by Alcone’s

11. Keep your mascara fresh

You’ve often heard that you can use mascara for too long. Doing this could lead to eye infections and medical issues that you’ll surely want to avoid because nothing is more precious than your vision.

It’s a hard and fast rule to replace your mascara every three months and knowing mascara tips for beginners can help. My secret is to always open a new tube on the first of a month and this helps me keep up better with this timeline. Click HERE to buy a new mascara.

LimeLife by Alcone Professional Lash Curler

12. Curl your lashes

If your eyelashes aren’t as thick as you’d like it could be a great idea to invest a bit more time into prepping your lashes. One of the top beauty tips for bigger lashes is to use a lash curler first and knowing mascara tips for beginners can help.

Take the curler and place your lashes in it for a couple of minutes. You’ll want to start at the bottom of your lashes and wiggle the curler around a bit. This will help result in longer and fuller lashes for placing your top mascara. Click HERE to buy this.

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