12 Benefits of Taking Augmented Nac for Recovery

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The day I woke up sick, I had no idea the hell I’d live to see and through. All my life, I’d focused on my health. I wanted to look the best I could and feel fantastic regardless of my age. I was successful – until the Covid vaccine. All it took was one minute for the entire 57 years of my life to fall apart what I’d give to ridden of past that hellish vaccine drive-through. But I did not. I was afraid but didn’t know what fear was until I woke up and couldn’t move. I have to say the Augmented NAC is not your ordinary supplement. I’d say it is saving my life.

#1: Kills the Spike Fast

What do all of us vaccine injured have in common? Spike. Yes, spike is a dirty word that has ripped my body apart. 

In the beginning, when I was deathly sick, I knew I was dying a slow death. I didn’t know how slow.

My bones would pop, my stomach would roar like an alien was going to burst out of it. My mind was nothing like it was. All of this is because of the damned spike.

The enhanced augmented NAC will kick that spike to the curb, and I mean fast. Compared to the ordinary NAC, the improved version will denaturize the hateful spike at a 99% rate vs the 12% average NAC. Click HERE to buy it AND get 10% off with code F7Z5P5FT.

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#2: Helps with Long Covid Symptoms

Many people may think that spike only comes from the vaccine, but this is far from the truth. This is a fact based on my personal hellish experience.

After three months on the FLC protocol, I was recovering and just knew I’d have my life back in time. However, this wasn’t the happy case I thought it would be.

I contacted Covid in Dec. 2022, and ALL of my injury symptoms came back with a vengeance. So, if you have long Covid, you likely have a spike in your body. The augmented NAC will quickly rid your body of spike, and your symptoms may lessen soon. Click HERE to buy it AND get 10% off with code F7Z5P5FT.

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#3: Strengthens the Immune System

What is the one thing we all have in common regardless of if the vaccine or Covid caused health problems? Our weakened immune systems contribute to our unhealthy bodies and painful days.

Working diligently to improve and strengthen the immune system should be very high on your to-do list. Of course, you can always take Vitamin C and zinc, but this augmented NAC is miles above those, and you can click HERE to buy it with code F7Z5P5FT.

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#4: Increases Brain Health

A healthy brain is critical to getting the most out of life. If you’re like me and were vaccine injured or caught Covid, you know what brain fog is.

Personally, one of the worse parts of being vaccine injured was losing my ability to write. I loved writing and made a good living at it.

Well, this is a testimony right here! I’ve been taking the augmented NAC for over three months, and I’m writing AGAIN!!! I couldn’t have done this three months ago, which is how strongly I believe and stand by this product. 

Having my brain improve gives me more joy than going on a two-mile hike, and guess what? I’m doing that every other day now!! NAC works!

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#5: Better Intestinal Health

Many of us have experienced the challenges of a dysfunctional microbiome during this battle from hell. One of my worst symptoms has been my gut.

When I woke up sick, I started belching and couldn’t stop. Doctor after doctor and test after test that showed nothing.

What I’d have given to have the augmented NAC from day one of my vaccine injury. Thank God I have it now because most of the belching has STOPPED!!! I can’t believe how symptom after symptom has improved after taking the NAC for three months.

It’s been a gradual process because the spike protein was so high in my body. I believe the augmented NAC has drastically improved my gut health, and I believe it will help heal it entirely in time.

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#6: Breathe better

One of the most significant symptoms for many long hauliers has been the challenge of breathing well. Many say it felt like an elephant was on their chest.

Thankfully, this horrendous symptom skipped me, but God knows I had plenty more. In the beginning, my heart rate was over 150 beats per minute. I even took Metoprolol for some time to get it within a reasonable range.

That has fixed itself over time, but I’m sure taking NAC has been an additional bonus to my healthy heart rate of 65 beats per minute. Click HERE to buy it AND get 10% off with code F7Z5P5FT.

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#7: Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Is there anything worse than being sick that can increase your anxiety level? For me, there is nothing that makes me more nervous or stressed.

Imagine being sick for two years and deathly ill for a good portion of that time with little to no answers. The stress my body has endured is beyond my comprehension most days, but I’m still here.

Augmented NAC is a fantastic way to help your body feel less stressed and more relaxed. If there’s one thing I know about healing, you have to avoid stress as much as possible and remain calm. 

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#8: Protects the Liver

I don’t know about you, but all this medication I’ve been taking for the last couple of years isn’t ideal for a healthy liver. However, my bloodwork shows my liver is doing just fine, making me very happy.

I need my liver to help detoxify my body from all the damage the vaccine did to it. I can’t imagine the level of toxins I had released in my system from getting that poison.

Every day I’m working at detoxification by intermittent fasting, eating clean and moving my body more. I get even more help by taking augmented NAC twice a day. Click HERE to buy it AND get 10% off with code F7Z5P5FT.

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#9: Helpful in Reducing Cancer Risks

Who hasn’t heard by now the increased number of cancer people are having that got the shots? Unless you live under a rock, you’re bound to know at least one person who may be battling this horrid disease because of the vaccine.

Augmented NAC helps the body detoxify like nothing else you can purchase. My doctor, that works with Dr. Pierre Kory said, “Augmented NAC gets you over 20 hurdles while IVM may get you over only five.”

That statement was enough for me to try, and I was glad I did. I continue to have a decrease in all of my symptoms every day.

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#10: Assist with Glutathione Function

One of the issues many, or most of us, for that matter, have dealt with during the vaccine injury is a decreased level of glutathione. This essential agent is crucial for detoxing as much as possible.

Glutathione is essential in helping the body from having too many damaging free radicals. Getting your glutathione levels back to normal may be as easy as adding augmented NAC to your daily routine.

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#11: Potentially Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

The last thing you’ll want to face is heart disease after dealing with something as devastating as a severe vaccine injury. While NAC can’t entirely prevent you from having heart disease, it can help.

If you’re like me, you have learned to fast, which means fast a lot! I’ve been fasting intermittently for over a year and have lost 30 pounds!

I’d give anything to have lost the weight another way besides sickness, but I am glad it’s gone. Eating a healthy diet combined with fasting, exercise and taking augmented NAC may reduce the risk of heart disease.

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#12: Promotes Eye Health

One thing I’ve enjoyed the most significant part of my life is good vision. However, you can’t stop age, and sickness surely doesn’t improve anything.

Increased flow to the retina is just one more than that NAC can do. Who doesn’t want to avoid vision problems on top of all our other symptoms? 

However, I still have 20/30 vision with my eyeglasses, and I’d say that’s pretty darn good when you’ve been to hell and back over the last two years.

The science behind this fact is that NAC reduces the damage caused to the eyes by free radicals. Additionally, augmented NAC increases the amount of glutathione production in the body. Click HERE to buy it AND get a 10% off discount with code F7Z5P5FT.

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