6 Tips for Bigger Lashes Using Mascara

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Making your eyes pop is easier when you use the best mascara. If you’re like me, you may not want to leave the house without putting on your eyes. If you do decide to go out with naked eyes, you may be extremely self-conscious. Looking your best will allow you to feel so much more confident and applying mascara can help. However, you’ll want to make the most out of your efforts and this means knowing top beauty tips for getting bigger lashes.

Use a High-Quality Product

Okay, it’s no secret I’ve been using mascara makeup for years. I guess I’ve tried the lowest of the low and the highest of the high brands.

I’m here to tell you if you want less clumping and smudging, you need to choose a high-quality mascara. There’s a reason it costs a little more and that’s because it’s good.

Getting long lashes that look thick are easy when you rely on LimeLife’s Perfect Mascara. It’s free of chemicals and hypoallergenic.

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Ensure it’s Fresh

It’s no secret you shouldn’t use your best mascara more than three months even though you may be tempted to do so. You could cause an eye infection, and this is the last thing you’ll want to do.

Keep a fresh mascara on hand and when it starts getting a bit dry simply add a bit of water or your lubricating eye drops to the tube. This will allow it to go on much smoother and will make your lashes look bigger and feel better.

Warm your Eyelash Curler

Taking a few extra minutes to curl your lashes will allow them to appear bigger and fuller. Doing this will give your lashes a boost and is certain to help these look fuller.

Another great idea is to take a blow dryer to your curler and warm it up just a bit. This will feel fantastic when curling your lashes and may encourage you to use this device more often.

Apply Loose Powder

If you have some setting powder on your vanity, there are multiple ways you can use it. For instance, putting just a dusting of the powder on your eyelashes in between coats will provide great results.

Your lashes will immediately look fuller and longer when you do this and you can use the best eyelash curler drugstore brand. Additionally, you may have less clumping and the mascara will last much better throughout the day.

Use a lash primer

Getting your lashes ready for the mascara is one thing you should do. The ideal way to accomplish this goal may be by using an eyelash primer.

These are available to suit any budget regardless if yours is high or low. Simply find one that has good reviews and purchase it to use on your lashes.

Primer will allow your mascara to stay in place and last longer. You’ll also experience less clumping and smudging when your use it.

Separate your lashes

Taking time to purchase an eyelash comb can help your lashes look better. and is a great beauty tip. You can swiftly separate your lashes when you have a comb on hand to help you do so.

This will only take an extra minute to do but will allow your lashes to look longer and less full of clumps. Be sure to have this handy device on your vanity to use each morning.

You don’t have to stress about bigger eyelashes when you simply know the right things to do. Putting these tips to work can make a significant difference in how your finished eyelashes look.

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