10 Reasons to Use HBOT for your Vaccine Injury or Long Covid Recovery

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Healing is a long and arduous road. I think I read that somewhere, but it’s so true. I want my old body back – the one that walked for miles without stopping. I want everything I had back, but it will never be the same. Acceptance is tough and something I struggle with daily. I do know one thing, and that’s I will recover. I’m already healing, but it’s not happened by itself. Another therapy I believe that has helped me tremendously is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)and here’s why.

  1. Boosts energy

One of the things we lack by being injured by the vaccine is energy. Many of us have severely damaged mitochondria. This is another gift of the clot shot; well, I couldn’t resist.

If we want to heal, we must fix that as much as possible. HBOT has dramatically helped my energy level by increasing my ATP production and allowing my mitochondria to function better.

When I get in the HBOT and come out, it’s like a little bit of my old self is back. Now, for me, this was almost instant the energy boost.

The picture above is a good example of this. I wanted to go to church so I got in the Hbot and then had much more energy to attend church. This is one of the best pics of me since my injury and I contribute that to HBOT.

Many times, if I have to go somewhere, I’ll always get in the HBOT first. Remember, this may not happen overnight, and I’m at 120 sessions while writing this, but I believe it is a massive part of my healing process.

2. Helps brain function

I have to say there’s nothing quite as scary as not having your mind where it once was. I’ve struggled with this more than anything.

As a writer, it hit me hard not being able to pump out 5,000 words a day. Tears won’t bring it back, and money won’t either, but I’m here to tell you HBOT has helped me have the ability to write this post.

My mind is getting better and better with each passing day. I know I will be able to earn a living writing again. You have to believe in yourself because the alternative is not good.

I’m thinking clearer and can function better in various ways. There is no doubt that the HBOT can improve your mind and most of the vaccine injured need this help.

3. Use Independently

Many of us have limitations that we may never want to admit since getting the vaccine. I had zero things that held me back, and I could do almost anything even at my age.

Now, I’m getting there. I drove through tons of downtown traffic in Fayetteville for another blood draw. That is amazing to me since I’ve been so sick and not driven that much.

I’m getting better, and right there is proof of it. Lol. Next, I’m scheduling a dentist visit, so you know I will be top-notch soon.

Back to the point and that is you can use the HBOT by yourself. Regardless, if you have an uncaring spouse or live alone, you may need to operate this device by yourself, and you can.

Mine has three zippers; all I have to do is zip myself up and my chamber will inflate. Additionally, a valve inside the chamber will allow you to decompress with ease.

One tip is to go slowly when decompressing because this will significantly help reduce any ear popping you may have.

4. Detoxifies the body

What is one thing we all need to do that got the poison? Excuse me if I’m a bit bold with naming whatever was in that dang thing. We all know it was pure poison.

Detoxify!!!! I think I’ve taken more supplements, tinctures and stuff that have my body getting rid of the crap they injected us with and believe me, and it was pure crap.

Going into the restroom before climbing into the HBOT is always a good idea because it detoxifies you so much. You’ll want to keep drinking water to ensure you don’t become dehydrated.

I’ll have to say this is the best detoxifier there is, and the Augmented Nac is a close second. You can read about it HERE.

5. Improves Immune System

As being injured by the vax, we all need to work hard to have a stronger immune system. This can be very challenging after everything we’ve endured and what our body is truly up against.

Using the HBOT on a routine basis is the key to ensuring you’ll get your immune system back to where it used to be or as close as you possibly can.

I would much rather dive in the HBOT than take a supplement; I will tell you that. The HBOT offers so many benefits, making it much more attractive than any other therapy I’ve used.

6. Increases oxygen

Getting the right amount of oxygen to your cells and tissues is imperative for good health. One of the things we know the injection from Haidas did to us was damage our cells.

The severely injured may have sticky blood that makes it challenging for the cells to function throughout the entire body.

The good news is that the HBOT will allow your body to get the oxygen it needs to function better. This is especially necessary if the vaccine has injured you.

7. Creates stem cells

Working to repair the damage done by the clot shot is essential to regain your health. Creating new stem cells is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Using HBOT regularly will allow your body to create the stem cells it needs to help you recover your health. This is vital for returning to your life and stressing less about the injury the vaccine caused.

Statistics show that your body can start creating stem cells in as little as using the HBOT for 80 hours. This time will fly by when you begin to use this device on a daily routine.

One thing I do to pass the time is to email myself Youtube videos and watch these on my phone while inside the chamber.

8. Reverses poisons in the blood

The last thing we ever thought we’d face is having our blood poisoned because we did the right thing, right? I thought I was doing my part to help the world, to get rid of this horrendous virus.

Wrong. We were duped. I hate being fooled, especially regarding my health, and boy, did they ever mess up my body.

Getting this poison out of us should be our top priority; it sure has been mine. One great thing about HBOT is that it helps get the poison out of the blood.

Another way to help detoxify your body is to use the Augment NAC, which you can read HERE.

9. Helps hair growth

During my sickest days, I would lay in bed and see my hair coming out in bunches. It was hard to see this after I had worked hard my entire life to have healthy hair.

Then COVID thinned my hair out even more after being deathly sick. One of the first things I noticed was clumps of hair coming out even more.

For a woman, it’s devastating to go through such a traumatic experience of devastating declining health and losing her hair. Since I’ve used the HBOT, my hair gets fuller each session. This makes me very, very happy.

10. Promotes healing

If there’s one thing we all know – healing takes a long time. The longer you’ve been sick, the more time it may take.

I’m impatient. I’d say over two years of sickness is two years too long. That’s one of the reasons I bought an HBOT. I can use it every day if I like, making me heal faster and making my body more vital in the process.

If you want to speed up the healing process and what vaccine-injured person doesn’t – it’s time to invest in an HBOT that could change your life and give your life back.

I love my HBOT because one of the most significant contributors to regaining my independence. I use it at least six – twelve times a week and many times more than once daily. I want my life back, and I’m getting it. Am I fully recovered – no. Am I getting better every day – yes.

If you decide to invest in an HBOT system, I can’t say enough good things about Michelle Faber at https://hyperbtariccentral.com/. Call her today at 512-789-2788, and mention Tammy Gravis for a FREE GIFT and potential discount!