10 Makeup Hacks to Get you Out the Door Fast

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If you’re like most people, you may want to get out of the house fast in the morning. Regardless if you’re headed to school or work, it’s essential to be where you need to go. Of course, looking you best is likely to be high on your list. Some of the best beauty tips you’ll ever learn will help you get ready fast and worry less.

1. Organize your beauty products

Having all the things you need on hand before getting ready for the day is a great idea. There are many cosmetic organizers you may be able to find with ease.

Stashing one of these on your vanity stand can make getting out the door a breeze in the morning. Load all your cosmetics neatly in the organizer to make this task an easy one.

2. Start with a primer

You may think that getting ready doesn’t mean you’ll need to prime your skin. This isn’t the truth if you want your makeup look to last.

Choosing a primer that offers the highest quality should be high on your agenda. There are many on the market, but selecting a spray on type can speed up getting ready fast.

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3. Purchase in bulk

Having several beauty products on your vanity will help make getting ready much less challenging to do. For instance, you may want to choose various the best mascaras to help you feel equipped for long lashes.

Keeping many different eyeliners can allow you to try a wide range of eye makeup looks regardless of what day it is. LimeLife by Alone rarely has specials, but now you can get five professional eyeliners for ONLY $80 and FREE shipping. Click HERE to buy it.

4. Use a wax-based foundation

Relying on the top foundation that is easy and fast to apply should be high on your agenda. This is an easy to apply high-quality makeup that can drastically improve your appearance.

Some of the benefits of this foundation are below:

1. Looks like real skin.

2. Doesn’t have a cakey to overly made-up look.

3. Comes in a wide range of shades, and click HERE to choose your color.

4. Lasts for a month and is easy to apply. Click HERE to read an article on LImeLife by Alcone’s foundation.

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4. Use a cream blush

You may find putting on a blush will be much less of a chore when you choose a cream variety. Many of these are in a roll-up stick, and all you’ll need to do is put a small amount on your cheeks.

Selecting a light color can be the ideal way to avoid spending too much time with this product and not having it look to bright. Just a dab will do you as you head out the door for the day.

5. Purchase a high-quality mascara

One of the ideal ways to get your lashes longer and look more attractive is by using a professional-grade mascara. There may be many of these on the market, but choosing one that is hypoallergenic and free of chemicals should be high on your schedule.

Perfect mascara by LimeLife by Alcone is a good choice because it’s used by the stars and doesn’t have any parabens. Click HERE to make a purchase.

6. Choose a long-lasting lipstick

Finding a long-lasting lipstick that will stand the trials of the day should be a task you do for getting ready fast and having good results.  It’s possible to find the right color to help you look your best regardless if you have a date night or simply want an effortless day look.

Who wants to apply and reapply lipstick all day? When you choose LimeLife’s Enduring lip color, you won’t have to do this. Click HERE to make a purchase.

7. Always have a lip gloss

The easiest way to have fuller lips with ease is by using a full lip gloss. There are many of these on the market, but you’ll want to choose one that adds color and moisturization.

It can be helpful to get some lip plumping when using a product of this type. Having attractive lips is sure to help you feel better throughout the day. Click HERE to purchase LimeLife by Alone’s lip gloss for only $18.

8.  Curl your lashes

Taking an extra few minutes to curl your lashes can end up saving you time. Doing this will allow your lashes to look longer and fuller with ease.

iIf you want to have lashes that look amazing all day long, it’s ideal to invest in an eyelash curler that is a professional grade. Click HERE to purchase LimeLife by Alcone’s lash curler.

9. Exfoliate your skin

Taking time to work on your skin can be an effective way to look your best. This means using a high powered facial mask that will work to exfoliate the dead skin on your face.

Using one that is free of chemicals and parabens is ideal and can allow you to get top results. LimeLife by Alcone offers a face mask with a lemony scent that is very effective. Click HERE to make a purchase.

10. Set your makeup

Taking time to ensure your makeup remains in place throughout the day is vital. There are varying ways to do this that range from using a powder or a finishing spray.

The key to looking your best will depend on how well your foundation will remain in place all day long. Click HERE to purchase a translucent powder by LimeLife by Alcone.

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