10 Makeup Essentials Any Beginner Must Have

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Are you tired of looking tired and need the right makeup essentials to help? If so, you may want to take time to put on your best face. It can be challenging to know how the right tools that are necessary as a beginner. There are many right one to use and several wrong ones you’ll wish to avoid. Using this guide and can be helpful in looking your best and selecting the highest rated beauty products to assist you.

1. Top foundation as one of the best makeup essentials

There’s nothing that will help your skin look it’s best like a high-quality foundation. This beauty product will smooth out your skin like nothing else.

Do you have lines or wrinkles that tend to stand out a lot? What about blemishes that are just too challenging to make you feel confident. Choosing the right makeup essentials to fix this issue are vital.

Selecting a wax-based foundation will provide you a number of benefits and these are listed below:

1. Smoother looking skin without the cakey look.

2. Coverage that you want low or high depending on the day.

3. Feels and looks like real skin.

4. Comes in over 20 shades and click HERE to find your color.

5. Easy to apply with a sponge or brush and Click HERE for a beauty sponge and HERE for a foundation brush.

This amazing foundation is ONLY $36 and it will last for months. Click HERE to read an article on this wax based foundation.

Click HERE to buy it and HERE to save money and get two concealers and a foundation for ONLY $76. Free shipping with any $77 order.

2. Concealer as one of the top makeup essentials

One of the staples in any makeup routine should be the best concealer. This one of the best makeup essentials that can help peel away the years on your skin.

Selecting a concealer that offers a great amount of coverage without feeling heavy on the skin is ideal. LImeLife by Alcone has the highest quality concealer for ONLY $24 and click HERE to get it.

3. Blush as a top makeup essentials

Adding a bit of color to your cheeks will make you feel and look alive. You’ll want to ensure you use the highest quality blush for the best results because this is one of the best makeup essentials.

This means selecting a beauty product that’s highly pigmented so it will last all day. Having a variety of colors to choose from will help ensure you get the best results. Click HERE to purchase it for ONLY $24.

4. Bronzer

One of the best ways to give your face a contour look and slim it down is with a bronzer. Adding this product under your cheek will help improve the slimness of your face.

Selecting a bronzer that has just the right shimmer to it can add to your look. The main thing you’ll want from this beauty product is for it to look natural. Click HERE to purchase it.

4. Mascara

What lady doesn’t want to use one of the top makeup essentials like masacra? Ensuring your lashes are long and luscious could be the key to feeling the most attractive.

There are many top-rated mascaras on the market but choosing one that is free of chemicals and is hypo-allergenic should be high on your agenda. This could be the key to enjoying eyes that stay healthy and tear up much less.  Click HERE to read an article on this growing your lashes.

Keep in mind you’ll want to replace your mascara at least every three months. Doing this will help ensure your eyes remain healthy. Click HERE to buy LimeLife by Alcone’s mascara for ONLY $22.

5. Eyeshadow

Regardless if you wear six eyeshadow colors or two, you’ll want to make certain these are of the highest quality. This will mean having colors that are highly pigmented and that will stand the test of time.

You’ll want to avoid creasing and this will mean selecting the best eye shadow on the market. Click HERE to buy this.

6. Eyeliner

There’s nothing that may help your eyes pop as much as using an eyeliner. Selecting the right color could be the key to having a look that stands out a great deal.

However, a black eyeliner will always help make your eyes look bigger. One of the advantages of using a liquid eyeliner is that you can get a precise line with it. Click HERE to read how to use eyeliner the best.

Simply get as close to the lashes as possible with the liner and make dots. Smudging these dots together will give you a precise look. Click HERE to purchase this for ONLY $20 or CLICK HERE to get 10 eyeliners for $56.

7. Brows

The first thing that will frame your face is your eyebrows. You’ll want to be certain these look attractive and you may need to add a brow gel to make this possible.

Brow gels are easy to use and you only brush a little of this product on your eyebrows and smooth it out well. LimeLife by Alcone offers this product in brown, black and clear. Click HERE to buy it for ONLY $30.

8. Lip liner

The key to having a perky pout will start by lining your lips. This will help your lips appear fuller and look better in the process.

Having a professional lip liner for this task is the top way to get good results. The color will last longer and your lips will feel much better as a result.

Choosing the best lip liner on the market will help you get the color payout you want. Click HERE to buy it for ONLY $18.

9. Lipstick

Having  a lip color that will stand the test of time is a great way to avoid having to reapply it all day. This will mean choosing a lipstick that stays in place regardless of what you need to do.

Enduring lip color by LimeLife by Alcone may last up to six hours. This can get you through the morning coffee, a lunch sandwich and even a snack!

This high-quality beauty product comes in a wide range of color and click HERE to read the advantages of using it and HERE to buy it.

10. Lip gloss

Perfecting your pout will mean adding a bit of shine and moisture to it. The ideal way to do this is by choosing a lip gloss to put over your enduring lip color.

Doing this will make your lips look bigger and provide you with adequate moisture during the dry days of winter. This product comes with a mirror on the back of it and a blingy case for you to enjoy. Click HERE to read about the benefits of this lip gloss and HERE to buy it.

There you have it ladies! The top ten beauty essentials you’ll need to have a put together makeup look for any day. Please visit My Beauty for You to learn additional beauty tips and tricks to get through the day!