10 Ways to Look Better With Wax Based Foundation

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If you’re like many ladies, you may never leave the house without wearing the best wax bases foundation possible. This will enable to appear years younger and could be the key to feeling better about yourself. The good news is you can have a perfect makeup look when you put these beauty tips to work. Looking as good as you feel doesn’t have to be a challenge.

1.  Don’t neglect your skincare

Looking your best won’t start with using the top-rated foundation on the market but with your skin. This makes it imperative to have a skincare routine that works well for you.

If you have dry skin it’s a good idea to choose the right beauty products to minimize the dryness. On the other hand, if oiliness is your issue it’s ideal to select skincare items that cater to this. Click HERE to read about my skincare journey.

2. Get rid of the excess hair

Regardless of your age, you may notice having an excess amount of facial hair. This can get more and more noticeable over time.

The latest rage these days is shaving your face as shocking as it may seem to some. Doing this will allow you to have a much smoother surface for putting the best foundation.

There are numerous products on the market that will make this a breeze to do and can allow you to have the best foundation look possible.

3. Use a skin primer

Have you ever noticed your pores seem to look bigger than ever? This can happen if you don’t use the right beauty products prior to putting on your foundation.

Selecting a primer wil help your skin look smoother and allow your foundation to last much longer.  Choosing a spray primer could be one of the best choices you’ve made lately. Click HERE to purchase this.

4. Select the best shade

Did you know the overall look of the finished makeup look could rest in finding the right color? This may take some trial and error on your behalf but is well worth the effort.

One of the simple ways you can do this is take a look at your neck and try to find a foundation color that will match it. Another idea is to take a color match quiz and click HERE to do that.

5. Buy a high-quality foundation

Regardless of how much your try if you don’t choose the highest quality foundation on the market, your skin may not look that great. It’s a good idea to choose a wax-based foundation if you wish to get the most benefits from this item.

LimeLife by Alcone offers a botanical foundation that’s one of the most popular you’ll find. This is a wax-based foundation that offers you an attractive look. Click HERE to read about the benefits of this foundation and HERE to buy it for ONLY $36.

Take a color quiz HERE and save money by getting a foundation and two concealers for ONLY $76 by clicking HERE.

6. Blend it in

The last thing you’ll want to do is look as if you’re wearing a great deal of foundation. Doing this could distract from your makeup look.

One of the top ways to ensure your foundation stays in place all day is to always use a primer and blend well. Regardless if you use a sponge or brush to put your makeup on it’s ideal to ensure it’s well blended before leaving your home.

7. Don’t use too much

It’s never a good idea to pile on the makeup because doing this can actually make you  appear much older than your actual age. Using a light hand could be the best way to let your skin show through and look the most attractive.

Selecting the best foundation that will allow you to either have a light or full coverage appearance and this should be high on your agenda.  You’ll be able to select the look you want when you rely on Lime Life’s by Alcona’s foundation and concealer to help. Learning the top concealer mistakes to avoid should be a top priority.

This foundation is a must-have in any beauty arsenal and is extremely versatile for allowing you to build up your coverage or have a lighter daily look.

8. Match your concealer

Having a perfectly applied concealer that goes well with your foundation should always be foremost on your agenda. You’ll want to select one that’s creamy and is hydrating to the skin.

There are other things the best concealer can do and that’s to hide blemishes and fine lines. It’s ideal to take the appropriate amount of time to ensure your concealer matches your foundation. Click HERE to purchase a WATERPROOF concealer.

9. Don’t forget the bronzer

Taking a bit of time to contour your cheekbones can allow these to look the best. This can be done with ease by putting a bit of bronzer under your blush.

Adding a spice of color will be a breeze when you place a bit of bronzer on your forehead and under you jawline. This an help give you a better look and is vital if you wish to look your best and click HERE to buy it.

10. Set it in place

Adding a powder over your foundation is the ideal way to ensure it will last all day. You can choose from a translucent powder or one with a bit more color.

Setting your makeup is by far the most effective way to ensure the best foundation you choose will look good for hours to come. Click HERE to buy this powder.

Looking your best and allowing your foundation to look perfect can be within your reach. The ideal way to help make this possible is by putting these beauty tips to work.

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